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Mobile Massage Events has succeeded in bringing massage to the masses. Emmy and her qualified team have helped to make massage an accessible and enjoyable feature in daily lives. Thousands of people, many of whom have never experienced a massage before, are now feeling the benefits of MME. We are a company that prides itself on having highly skilled practitioners who bring a wealth of experience and understanding to your events. MME is always the right choice when it comes to launching a product, supporting your brand, or injecting a professional and fun filled activity to your event.

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We relax, revitalise and rejuvenate event visitors, corporate guests and sleepless festival goers! Our highly qualified therapists provide a unique combination of techniques, ensuring the massage focuses on the upper back and head - where people store most of their tension. Physical and mental knots are removed, leaving energy and a positive vibe.

We bring maximum benefit to your event and can be set up and ready to go in just 5 minutes. We arrive lightly and stylishly equipped to create an instant relaxation zone.

Raise the profile of your stand, attract attention and increase the footflow by providing a Mobile Massage feature. We happily rebrand to promote your organisation and distribute any publicity material. If you are having a product launch, why not use Mobile Massage to promote new products and services in a truly memorable way? Stand out from the crowd and leave your client and customers feeling genuinely valued. Providing a Mobile Massage feature will give you the edge over your competition by drawing customers to the stand. Clients and visitors will be receptive to you, your products and your services once they are in a relaxed frame of mind. Our therapists can build awareness of your brand by wearing your company logo, distributing marketing materials and adding a welcoming and positive vibe to your event


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●    ·         Relieves stress

●    ·         Improves concentration and focus

●    ·         Helps prevent repetitive strain injury

●    ·         Immunity boosting

●    ·         Pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs            

●              Improves blood circulation

●    ·         Promotes deeper breathing

●    ·         Reduces anxiety and calms the mind

One of the most important benefits of course, is that it simply feels fantastic!

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Mobile Massage Events relax and re-energize your visitors, clients and employees providing a 10 minute seated back and head massage. It is non-remedial with no need for oils or specialised equipment. The client remains fully clothed and we are able to target the main areas where they may hold stress and discomfort. Using a combination of Eastern and Western techniques, performed by fully qualified and accredited therapists, MME bring an unique and refreshing experience to everybody’s working day.



How We Benefit You

At MME we work with excellent staff. We welcome anyone who is as dedicated to massage as we are.

MME massage practitioners are:

Vibrant and positive



Immaculately presented

Customer service


Love Massage!

Fully Qualified and willing

to obtain insurance and

membership from a

professional body


Flexible work to fit around

your schedule

Generous commission

paid daily.

A fun and relaxed working

environment with wonderful


Free entry to big events

and Festivals

One person in four is working longer than ever but few are paid extra for putting in overtime, new research showed.

The average employee is now working a 41-hour week for an annual wage of 27,150, a survey of 2,000 adults by finance giant Santander showed.

About one-in-seven of those polled said they were doing at least 11 hours of overtime every week, but only two out of five were paid any extra.

The study also revealed a huge gender pay gap of 31 per cent, with the average hourly rate for men said to be 13.75, compared with 10.47 for women.

Women would have to work 55 hours a week to earn the 30,360 paid to average male employees, said the report.

Health & Safety Laboratory . Gov/UK


It has been proven times are increasingly stressful and the current climate states that people are working longer hours than ever before.

It is therefore vital that staff are given 10 minutes of time to truly unwind. Massage has been proven not only to aid mental and emotional wellbeing, but also to boost morale and productivity in the workplace.

-Provide a healthy work/life balance to your company’s ethos

-Give your staff an incentive without disruption to the office

-Provide a refreshing break during conferences and meetings

-A 10 minute Mobile Massage is the perfect choice to help people re-focus and apply renewed energy to their working tasks.

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Everybody suffers from some kind of repetitive neck strain, sore shoulders, or back pain during a long working day. Many have come to readily accept this suffering as being part of the process of working. We’re here to tell you it isn’t. There is plenty you can do to help yourself. Everybody has to work but it never has to be a chore. You can be revitalised; you can regain your ‘joie de vivre’; you can put that spring right back into your step because we are here to help and show you how.


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